Friuli’s mountains are far from the chaotic destinations of contemporary tourism: for this reason, in these places our guests can taste the genuineness of a territory that is still uncontaminated.
Peace, relax and tons of activity to do with the ones you love.

The surroundings

Sauris (1250 meters above the level of the sea) it’s the highest village of Friuli. It has preserved its ancient characteristics, traditions and architecture. Sauris is known for its ham’s industry Wolf and for Zahre beer.

Forni di Sopra is one of the most important skiing districts of the region. It’s the perfect place for the ones who love to ski, in wintertime, and the ones who love trekking, in the summer. Adventure Park in Forni di Sopra is a theme park made for the ones who love adventure and offers climbing circuits of different difficulty.

Ravascletto, on Monte Zoncolan, is one of the stops of Giro d’Italia, with the hardest hill of all Europe.

Sutrio is known as the wood village: here you can find artisans’ shops that produce traditional furnishing. The Presepio of Teno, visitable the whole year, is entirely built in wood. Take part to the parties organized by Sutrio’s community such as “Magic of the Wood”.

Pesariis, is a small town situated in the Pesarina Valley and is known as the town of clocks. The large production of clocks in this enchanting town of the Pesarina Valley has been documented since the beginning of the 18th century. In Pesariis you will also find the Exhibition of Clockmaking, which provides age-old evidence of the craft clock tradition in Pesariis. The collection, which can boast items of all kinds, is catalogued by technological stage.

Tarvisio, is one of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s most important ski areas and mountain resorts. Surrounded by the Julian Alps and rich in wide valleys and woods, the town has a modern look but also an ancient soul, full of traditions worth discovering. For those who love to carry out activities in the open air, the Tarvisio area provides a very wide range of proposals. Near Tarvisio, the Fusine lakes (linked to one another by a charming route), the Montasio Plateau and the Sella Nevea ski area are definitely worth a visit.

…In addition..

Udine, Pordenone, Cividale or Trieste.


Friuli is the perfect place for the lovers of long walks in the mountains.
The Dolomites, the Lake Volaia, the trenches of the great war, the Lake Bordaglia…These are just few names of the most important destinations to visit during your vacation.
To know more, visit the website www.sentierinatura.it: here you’ll find all the paths, GPS maps fotogalleries.


If adventure is what you are looking for, in Arta Terme and surroundings you can find all you need!

Here a list of some activities you can book directly at the hotel:
 canoeing or kayak;
speleo trekking;
trekking on horses;
hang glinding and paraglinding;
glider or hot-air balloon;
…and much more!!