Thermal Baths of Arta and Hotel Gortani winning combination for the health and well-being

The Thermal baths of Arta are among the most famous in Italy for their extraordinary benefits and, since ancient times, their waters are used for medicinal purposes. Water source Pudia of Arta, which takes its name from the Latin aqua putens (water with extraordinary powers), it is cold and clear water, colorless and rich in mineral salts, sulphates, calcium and magnesium.

After careful studies on the characteristics of the water Pudia we come to find out the reason of his excellent qualities that derived from a low-grade solfidrimetric, more tolerable in therapies as they rarely cause thermal crisis.

The water of the spa Pudia of Arta, chemical and physical characteristics:

  • temperature at the source: 9 °C
  • Capacity: 100 liters per minute
  • Degree solfidrometric 2.9 4ppm variable in the various measurements made over the past 160 years
  • Hardness: 160 ° F constant, due to the presence of salts of calcium and magnesium
    Ion prevalent: S04 -, Ca + + and Mg + +
  • Fixed residue at 180 ° C: g / l 2.353
  • Hydrogen sulfide: mg / l 3.9