Zero-mile Philosophy

Grand Hotel Gortani is located in the middle of the mountains of Friuli, an uncontaminated natural place far from the stress of the biggest touristic areas.
Authenticity and zero-mile culture are the basic concepts of this small society. Our guests will taste traditions, from A to Z: from the agricultural products to the “made in Arta” philosophy.

Friuli’s territorial excellence: Carnia’s heritage.

Carnia is 100% nature: huge natural areas, high peaks and wonderful valleys. But Carnia has also a rich agricultural heritage that needs to be preserved and be known.

For this reason, Grand Hotel Gortani uses top quality products for its guests. All these products come from our territory: zero-mile philosophy for the beauty of the body and the health of mind.

Production of Medicinal Erbs

Carnia has a privileged geographical position for the growth of different kind of flowers and erbs. So, herbalist tradition is the most important you can find in Italy.
In Gortani’s Spa our guests will find SAUT’s beauty products from Cooperativa Sociale Taviele di CerciventoCoop. Taviele turns medicinal erbs in body creams, body cleanings and massage oils. Coop. Taviele produces also good brews that you’ll taste on breakfast time.

Agricultural products

When it comes to food, Grand Hotel Gortani usee tons of territorial excellences.
During our breakfast, our guests can taste the biological Ecomela‘s apple juice. Jams and syrups come from Pecol of Raveo.
Need a sneak before dinner? Gortani offers a great aperitif! You’ll taste a good drink made with Friuli’s Ribolla Gialla and Molinari’s sausage.
Drink lovers? Distilleria Casato dei Capitani di Cabia will offer liquors coming directly from our lands like the Sliwovitz.